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                                                   We truly CARE about our Guests!

We wanted to create a "better" environment for our Guests, compared to the large kennels we've visited and used for our own pets.

First to GO was the chain link kennels and all that cement block where the Guests sleep.  A cleaner environment, less cement block for viruses and bacteria to breed and spacious, to reduce stress and anxiety.

Lots of yard time, exercise, enrichment, play and FUN.  We've found that the more fun activities our Guests participate in, the better they eat and sleep.

Personal attention...
Because we are a small kennel (maximum of 25 small and special needs Guests), we are the only ones working with your pet.  We get to know each Guest and their preferences for playing, eating, sleeping and company. 

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We are personally committed to being a place your pet WANTS to visit.  We often hear from our customers that they notice a genuine excitement in their Pet, as they approach the entrance.  They also see their pet get a good nite's sleep, after a play-day at Hilo Kennels.


Hoku personally recommends the beds at Hilo Kennels!

Size Medium

These Guests are smiling!

We've chosen several styles of pet beds, including Coolaroos, and PetCot Orthopedic pet beds for our Guests' comfort.  These beds are professional quality, easy to clean and sanitize, durable, chew-resistant and really comfortable.  Their low profile makes them easy to use even for our senior guests.

We also offer a variety of Pillows, Blankets and Mats, depending on the temperament and preference of our Guests!

The beds come in 3 sizes to fit Guests up to 90 lbs.

Peni on size Small.


We've done the research to find the best kennels available to outfit boarding facilities for our medium to large size Guests.  We've chosen the safest and most secure kennels available.  They're AKC(TM) approved and are much gentler on our Guest's paws than chain link or other fencing products.

Each Kennel Suite is 5' x 10' for a spacious sleeping area.  They're stainless steel, rust resistant and have no sharp edges.  These Kennels are raised 2" for ease of cleaning and sanitizing.

Nothing but the best for our Guests!