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OFFICE:  (808) 959-8360
FAX:       (808) 959-5645
EMAIL:   hilokennels@gmail.com
FACEBOOK:  @hilokennels   ~   Hilo Kennels and Day Camp

AN APPOINTMENT is necessary for ALL visits to our Facility, including Boarding and DayCamp Guest check-ins/outs and tours.  We keep our gates secured if we are not expecting a Guest, so please call if you need to schedule an appointment for any reason, for the safety and comfort of all!

                                                FOR ALL GUESTS...

                    < We enforce strict guidelines regarding sanitation and health. >

Every Guest must have:

>  *PROOF of CURRENT Vaccines:
                                     "CURRENT" IS DEFINED AS:

          ^BORDETELLA (Kennel Cough):   Within Six (6) Months of Visit
:                     Within Six (6) Months of Visit

                                  Within One (1) Year, if Your Veterinarian Certifies, in writing,
                                  that the Vaccine they use is effective for One (1) Year.
            DHPP Combo:                             Within One (1) Year of Visit

PARASITE PREVENTION; All guests MUST be on an Anti-Parasite product that
    INCLUDES TICK CONTROL (Comfortis and Sentinel DO NOT).  Guests are
    inspected thoroughly at Check-in for fleas, ticks and other parasites.  If any sign of pests are
    found, we will treat with a topical product for an additional fee, to ensure our pest free
    environment is maintained for all.  (Please refer to our Options price guide.)

BATHED within 48 hours of Check-In; If your busy schedule doesn't give you time to bathe
    your pet before coming the Hilo Kennels, we can provide a "Simple Bath", if needed.
    (Please refer to our Options price guide.)

I.D. Tag securely attached to the Guest's collar.


     *  Please ask your Vet to fax us (959-8360) a copy of the MOST RECENT Vaccination record, OR PROVIDE A COPY OF YOUR DETAILED RECEIPT.

If you administer the vaccines yourself, you must provide a copy of the receipt for the purchase.

     ^  If Bordetella is administered by injection, rather than drops in the Nose, it takes a minimum of One (1) Week to offer any protection.  Please plan to have this vaccine at least ONE WEEK prior to ANY visit.



                                                         OUR CONTRACT...

We will provide a contract for services for you to sign and review before the check-in date.  After we receive your Reservation Request Form by e-mail, we'll prepare the contract and send it to you via

E-Mail... as a PDF

US Mail (We'll even pay the return postage!)

Fax, if you have one available (808) 959-5645.

Phone; (808) 959-8360; you can call us with the information and we'll complete the contract for
    you and have it ready for you to sign at check in.



We accept VENMO App or cash.
  NO Checks or Plastic!

Payment in full, for the Base Boarding Fees and selected Options, is due at check-in.  Any additional fees incurred during the Guests' stay with Hilo Kennels & DayCamp are due at check-out.

Please add Hawaii GE Tax (4.7120) to all prices, effective 01/01/2020.