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Reservations are required for DayCampers: 

Send a Reservation Request or call us at (808) 959-8360 or send us an email; hilokennels@gmail.com.  Visit us on Facebook for pictures of our happy Guests!

DayCamp Guests must be friendly (NON-AGGRESSIVE) toward larger and smaller dogs, as well as people.  This is a shared space environment with lots of play and interaction.

Private DayCARE is also available for those Guests who cannot mix/socialize with other Guests, or are Special Needs from age, health or disability.  Add $3 to either the half or full day, for Special Care Accommodations.

                                           DAYCAMP & DAYCARE HOURS

                      Hours are 7:00am to 6:00pm  ~  Monday through Saturday

                                    FULL DAY (6 Hours):             $22.00 per Guest
                                    HALF DAY (Over 6 Hours:     $18.00 per Guest

           LATE PICK-UP FEE:    $10.00 + tax, per Hour or partial Hour after 6pm

Guests can come for enrichment and play for up to six (6) hours for the half-day rate.

Guest Requirements (see What You'll Need page) are the same as for our Boarding Guests.  We enforce strict guidelines of health and sanitation.

We provide safe, group play in the Penthouse Parlor, in the grass yards or the large out-door kennel, depending on the temperament, health, age and size of each Guest.  We include enrichment play, games of fetch, hide treats, stimulating conversation and great company.  We'll do our very best to keep the boredom at bay all day!

We include up to 2 treats, with parental permission, but please feed your pet before arriving at DayCamp and he'll be ready for dinner when you pick him up.  (Feedings can be added for an additional charge.  Please see our Options price guide.)