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A view from "Big Dog Central".  We were lucky enough to catch this picture on a clear day here in Waiakea Uka.  The newspaper was kind enough to publish it on the Community Page on 02/07/14.

Aloha from Hilo Kennels & DayCamp!

                                 PLEASE NOTE AVAILABILITY UPDATE, BELOW !

                               AVAILABILITY UPDATE AS OF APRIL 14th, 2014

                     ~ We are SOLD OUT / BOARDING & DAYCAMP ARE CLOSED ~

                                FRIDAY,        APRIL 18th

                                FRIDAY,        APRIL 25th
                                SATURDAY,   APRIL 26th
                                SUNDAY,       APRIL 27th, 2014

Please NOTE:  Weekends and the week near a Holiday sell out regularly, usually 5 to 7 days in advance.  Please make your reservations at least two (2) weeks in advance, to ensure there is space available for your furry family member.      

Appointments for tours are scheduled as time permits, excluding Sundays and holidays. Give us a call at (808) 959-8360 to schedule a tour!  No unscheduled visits, please.

We recommend that you send a reservation request at least two (2) weeks in advance of your desired check-in date (more for holidays). Our space is limited to 12 large and 12 small guests at any time.

The DayCamp may be closed or limited when we are sold out for boarding.  We apologize for any inconvenience.


You Can:
          >  Submit a reservation request online.
          >  Call us at (808) 959-8360

          ~  Schedule a pre-visit appointment (Optional)
          ~  Reserve a DayCamp visit for a guest
          ~  Reserve a Guest Suite for overnight boarding

Please check our Boarding & Options page for pricing and optional add-on services.



Uncle Dave playing with a few good friends in

     "Big Dog Central"


   See fun photos on the Bark-imonials Page and on our Facebook Page !!

We are so grateful for our customers, old and new; our quality surveys tell us they love us, when it comes to resort style, squeeky clean dog boarding and DayCamp services for their much loved K9s. 

With our triple fence system, you can leave your pet with us knowing they'll be safe and secure until you return.

We're ready to handle every size K9 guest, any breed. Guests are safely separated from the time they arrive. For our medium to larger guests, we've invested in the best welded Kennels (no chain link!), approved by the American Kennel Club (AKC). Our smaller guests are accommodated in the "Penthouse Parlor", even enjoying house privileges, at times.

Missing your best friend while away?  We've provided the newest technology in remote viewing so you have the option of visiting your pet LIVE ON-LINE via VUEZONE.com while you're away.  You can watch your pet enjoying the resort life at Hilo Kennels on the internet... even from your phone! (Limited availability; certain equipment/software requirements apply; go to VUEZONE.COM for details).

We enforce strict guidelines regarding sanitation and health. Every pet we board (and all of our own animals) require proof of current vaccines, including Kennel Cough (bordetella).  All guests are inspected thoroughly at check-in for fleas, ticks and other parasites. If any pests are found at check-in or later, we will treat with a topical product (see options price guide) to ensure the health of your pet and to maintain our pest free environment.

Personal items from home are always welcome for Boarding and DayCamp guests.  Please remember to label each item with the guests' first and last name.


We offer individual suites with house, raised orthopedic cot, cozy bed or rug; group play at the "Penthouse Parlor" (temperament permitting); personal attention and lap time; custom feedings; Play time in one of the grass yards if appropriate; morning and evening feedings; 1-2 treats per day; sanitized toys of different sizes and textures; soft music and lots of tummy rubs.


We offer individual, AKC approved welded kennels, which provide a greater comfort, safety and security for medium to extra large dogs.  Kennels are never shared unless you have two animals that you know would be happier together than apart.  We can also accommodate Ohana Suite Boarding.

We provide houses, raised orthopedic cots, soft beds or rugs, based on pets preference, habit and temperament.  Included with our Base Rate for Boarding are morning and evening feedings; 1-2 treats per day; play in the fenced grass yard; personal attention and enrichment activities to keep the Guest balanced in your absence; we have sanitized toys, hidden treats, rawhide and other chews and vet approved whole coconuts for our voracious chewers.


        We have a limited number of spaces available for DayCamp.  Hours of operation are:

                         7am to 6pm   ~    Monday through Saturday

    Reservations are required at least 2 days in advance.  Full and Half days can be reserved.

DayCamp offers group play, so guests must be socialized and non-aggressive. Personal walks can be added (see options price guide), as well as other options for your pet's comfort and enjoyment.

Our goal is to provide your pet with a safe, secure, clean, fun, and enriching environment in your absence.
  We will treat your pet like it's part of our own pack.  We've outfitted our kennels and facilities with the best kennel enclosures, raised orthopedic beds, a weather-proof environment with an open-air tropical feel and top of the line toys and accessories to ensure your pet feels safe and content.

We've got a separate boarding area for our small and extra-small guests.  We call it the Penthouse Parlor.  There's no big dogs allowed in the Penthouse, so our small guests don't have to worry about being intimidated by the "big dogs".  Play time in the grass yard is still part of the activities and enrichment is geared especially for the little ones.

Our grass play yard is spacious, clean and offers great views of the surrounding lush tropical rain forests of Waiakea Uka. We've got a flock of chickens roaming the property, which provide endless entertainment for our guests. The occasional wild pig troupe can be see tramping through the back acreage, and we can count on our guests to let us know exactly where they are.

We live on site, so your pet is never alone on the grounds of Hilo Kennels.  We don't punch out and go home at night or on weekends... we ARE home.

We're committed to using re-cycled materials and local products wherever possible and practical, in the Kennels as well as in our personal lives.  We watch every penny so we can offer the best value for your pet-care dollar.

In the pages that follow, You'll find details on our boarding and options available for an additional fee.  We'll provide a clear explanation of what is included and what is optional, such as Vue Zone internet remote viewing.

There's lots of pictures of our facilities here in Waikea Uka, Hilo.  From the Penthouse Parlor to "potty central" in the grass play yard.  We've added "bark!-imonials" from our favorite guests and you'll meet a few of Hilo Kennels' mascots like Penni and Bailey.

We hope you'll bring your furry... or not so furry... K9 friend to join us for play, fun, attention and affection for the day, week or month at Hilo Kennels!

Tails don't lie! I love Hilo Kennels & DayCamp!

~ Hoku