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This is a NEW service we are offering, BEGINNING Monday, March 30th, 2020, to current and new clients, in response to the "Shelter-In-Place" directives established by Federal, State and County Governments.

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*  Prices shown are for ONE (1) Pet, service to/from a Hilo address.  Please ask for a quote if you have multiple Pets or are outside of Hilo.

*  All Pets must be in a SECURE PET CARRIER/CRATE, of which we have a limited number.  We encourage you to use your own, when possible.
*  Shuttle Service requires two (2) days notice, and wait times could get longer.
*  Payment is due at time of PICK-UP, by VENMO or CASH.  VENMO is a secure, free, direct payment from you to Jeni's cell phone.  Click the underlined word VENMO for more information.
*  Payment to your Veterinarian or Groomer, for services and/or products, must be arranged BEFORE your Pet arrives for their appointment.  Please contact them directly to arrange payment.
*  If we are not able to drive up to your home, we will arrange a safe place nearby, for us to pick-up your Pet.
*  Pets being transported must be reasonably clean and on an anti-parasite product.  They will be checked for parasites before they are shuttled.
*  We MUST be able to safely handle your Pet, so no very aggressive animals, please.
*  We CANNOT GUARANTEE a specific return time, but will try to update you via TEXT when we are headed your way.
*  Pets should be encouraged to POTTY just before they are shuttled.  We may be providing transportation for more than one Pet, so they may not have another opportunity until they return.
*  A signed "Contract of Service" must be executed at the first Shuttle Service.
*  We will be in protective MASK and GLOVES, and would appreciate it (if you are able to) if you are also wearing protective MASK and GLOVES during our interactions.  We are taking our temperature twice each day and sanitizing our vehicle, as well as striving to maintain the six (6) feet of social distancing in all of our interactions with our clients.

We are trying to address the closed space found at most Veterinarian's offices, and the difficulty in maintaining "Social Distancing" between staff and customers.  We estimate that, with this service model, we can REDUCE the number of people congregating by 8-10 per day, by having just ONE person bring MULTIPLE Pets for their appointments.

1)  FROM HILO address, Round-Trip, Flat Rate:  $25 to..





NOTE:  We will pick-up food and/or Rx at Your Veterinarian for your Pet at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE with this Shuttle.

We offer Pet Shuttle Service to your Groomer (assuming they are open and included in the essential services of "Animal Care") to reduce the number of individuals entering those establishments.

2)  FROM Hilo address to ANY HILO GROOMER:  Flat Rate:  $25 Round Trip

We will DELIVER Pet Food, Refill Rx for Your Pet, or other supplies from Your Veterinarian, Petco or other available source for the products you need.

(Reminder, you may be able to do this through Amazon or Mail Order prescriptions.. for a lower cost.)

3)  FROM Hilo Retailer, to your Hilo location:  Flat Rate:  $15

We will also be offering the following additional Services for
our CURRENT K9 Clients (Limited availability):

4)  Round Trip Shuttle from Hilo address, including a Full Day DayCamp and "Simple Bath & Brush":  Flat Rate $60 (By quotation from outside of Hilo)